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Dunsbury Way Nursery - Speech & Language therapy (SALT)
Communication and language

At Park Families settings we use a variety of speech and language programmes to develop and enhance children’s understanding and use of language.

Our Speech and Language Therapist supports all the nurseries in group work and one to one programmes to develop and enhance children’s understanding and use of language.

Language through listening

During small group sessions practitioners concentrate on developing eye contact, turn taking, listening and attention skills, essential foundations to build expressive language and early sound awareness as well as promoting spoken language.

Language Steps

Language steps develops children’s understanding and expression of language. Children increase their level of both understanding and use of language.

Attention Project

The Attention Project is an interactive group run by knowledgeable practitioners to help children focus their attention on adult led activities, giving appropriate eye contact and turn taking, with the use of minimal language. The project has three elements at each session:

· The attention box which contains short, highly motivating resources

· Adult led, visually appealing activity

· Adult led, interactive activity involving turn taking, investigating and exploring

Nursery Narrative

The Nursery Narrative framework of ‘who’, ’where’ and ‘what happened next’ is introduced using a variety of visual, hands on resources with a small group of children to develop listening and language skills. Children gain confidence in asking questions and turn taking in conversation.

All of these groups include the following initiatives:


•Speech and Language plans

•Play skills

•Positive Interaction Programme


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